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Crivea Cut-Throat Cricket

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This is a cool new dart game, that my friends family has been playing for years. It has always been fun to play, with teams or singles. A bit of research revealed that it seems to be unique. So here it is for the rest of the world to try.

This is a version of cricket that also includes having to hit three doubles and three triples. Similar to Wild Mouse, Minnesota or Moose. This version differs slightly as it has no 3 darts in bed. You do not have to call your numbers, and the game is played Cut-Throat style.

Players must hit three darts in each of 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, doubles, triples and bullseyes. The winner of the game is the player with the least amount of points with all of the targets closed. Players do not add points to their own score but rather give them to your opponents. Once a player has closed a target, they can then score points on all opponents that do not have that target closed.

One dart cannot count two different ways. If a player hits a triple 20 in their first turn, they can count it as three 20s to close, or as a triple, not both. The darts must be scored in the order they hit the board, not at the players choice to add more points to the opponents.

Any number on the board is an acceptable target for a player to close doubles and triples. Once the doubles or triples are closed, double and triple points can be scored against your opponents on any number on the board, but cricket numbers must also be closed before they can scored.


The closing of your doubles and triples while certainly helping towards winning the game, does not protect a player from the multiple of a point. For instance if you do not have your 18s closed, but do have your triples closed. A hit to triple 18 would still result in adding of fifty four points against your point total. The same is true if you have your 18s but not your triples.

When the first player closes everything, any opponent with a higher score is put out of the game, any opponent with a lower score can continue to play until they close everything or their score goes higher than the first closer. The first closer continues to play trying to score points on the opponents to boost their score to put them out of the game.

And just to keep it interesting... Since the game is normally played when drinking is involved, each player or team must score their own points, (before they pull their darts), any error to their disadvantage that they make stands ‘as is’ once they have crossed back across the throw line. No stepping forward of the throw line to check the position of a dart until all the darts are thrown. Ties will be settled by a bullseye sudden death, first bull wins (single or double bull) And last but not least when a dart bounces from the board, catching the dart, primarily by the foot will result in the ability to re-throw the dart. Injury? Thats your problem.

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